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Sarah and All

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  You might think what I thought. Aha… No! The title is not what you might think that : Sarah and everything about her. All is written with double L here but it’s not what it’s all about. It’s about the young lovely couple Sarah and Ghazi Al-Ghiffari, which on their special wedding party asked […]

“Hello Spring. Welcome”

This shot was taken with no fancy gear, nothing else just a great light. “Creativity, style and ideas are things not include in the box when U buy a camera”, how to get that? #beingCreative could be in anywhere,anytime,anyone.When a passion calls you,when imagination are there, and when the light let you. So I would like […]

A Tale of Red Riding Hood

  Everybody has a dream. A dream is not something that doesn’t come true, or which are those all fairy tales. I get passionate to make those dreams would not be only like a fairy tales. Well, the story begins by accident, when I read a famous fairy tales Rotkäppchen to my daughter’s book. Meanwhile […]