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Avina & Ghani : The wedding ceremony – when traditional meets west

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The magical Javanese wedding ceremony. Rich with tradition, fragrant, beautiful, and full of color involved are probably the words that describe a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. It has also a lot of traditional wisdom, symbol showed from the wedding procession.  That might the highlight of this lovely night, shower of love from Avina and Ghani wedding with beloved […]

Fira & Kynan – True Love

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“Truly love”, prewedding photo session of Fira and Kynan. A moment that might not be forgotten, the time that they’ll be united to live the life. . I got inspired the wise men that said: “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in […]

Workshop : Photographers Meet Berlin

I was invited to give a photo workshop -together with my best friend, Ferry Kana- to share about basic photography and basic lighting in Berlin. The Festival of Light in Berlin made everything looks so special, the participant, the even organizer and everyone !! It was a lot of fun, indeed.