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Javanesse in Romance

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Sometimes romantic scene is just simple. Give me a couple who is just in love, a good light in a romantic environment, and you will get it 🙂 A photo shooting of Gendis Anggun Krisnandini andAhmad Rizqi Meydiarso so grace, full of emotion embrace the ambience. A peak look of pre wedding shot session, done […]

X-perience in Paris

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It has been nearly 1.5 years owning Fuji X-Pro1 to accompany me in my daily life. Yes, the camera is the thing I can’t live without. So you would have no wonder if I always bring a big backpack to my engineering office. Being an aeronautic engineer would not stop me taking photo, I don’t […]

Two of Lovely Days : Eci & Danil

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Sometimes the problems solved themselves, specially if you are expecting the unexpected things, no matter how good you are in planning and scheduling. A pre wedding shot in Indonesia is not really a Math. Indonesia? Yes, I think it would be my best holiday ever.. spending time with family and I got photo shooting project in my […]