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Workshop : Photographers Meet Berlin

I was invited to give a photo workshop -together with my best friend, Ferry Kana- to share about basic photography and basic lighting in Berlin. The Festival of Light in Berlin made everything looks so special, the participant, the even organizer and everyone !! It was a lot of fun, indeed.

the Look

The boy stared at me, attracted my camera to point his cute face and make the moments just clicked to the right time. This shot is featured from a Claudia and Stefan wedding photo project. Just wait the lovely and beautiful moment from the couple. IT was a lot of fun !!

young and beauty – Abimagazin Project II

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Abimagazin project part II Doing photo shoot among young and beauty was tempted me to bring the beauty out of frame. Love their idea, with some light tricks, it will be shown as a real “Olymp” out of the screen.

Gala City Guide : Sylt Now !

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As I told you here that my photo with beauty light house at Hörnum in Sylt was bought and published as cover on Sylt Now! GALA City Guide pocket book !! Allhamdulillah.