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“100 days 100 stories”

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For whom enjoying to capture any moments with any camera you have in hands, you might be waiting for this book Mood, emotions and stories are intepreted and captured as a journey. all those pics in this book were -usually- seen in everywhere, every corners, every single steps and everyday in our daily live, which […]

From a Concept to an Image part 1 – Blue Love

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One of photographic-spiritual-Gurus,Ansel Adams, said that : It’s trying to tell us that in order to get good photograph, prepare everything right. From good preparation we’ll get lesson Instead of being snappy happy shooters, why don’t we prepare for the worst and get for the better results? Use your imagination,idea & anything.Put them all together. […]

Strobe at Sport action – small tricks for HSS/FP

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Shot for Taruna Nusantara Senior High School’s Year book/magazine purpose. 2 speedlights, SB800 with white thru umbrella on the front left of the model (1/32 power) and SB80DX on the rear of the model which was set 1/64 power. Both were set manually and triggered by radio trigger and optical slave.

a little journey, from 15 to 18

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It’s about story where I’ve taken from my last visit in Jakarta. I feel so connected to the place, it’s like a flashback of memory was played all the time. Just watch what I saw, what I thought and what I feel thru this small clip of video on this blog. Enjoy !!

Lovely Wedding : Claudia & Stefan

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It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Hamburg, Claudia and Stefan— gorgeous enough that we had a lot of sun during the wedding. The thing that it’s obviously selten in Hamburg during these days The church and the wedding reception was fantastic, a lot of good food and I have no difficulties capturing their lovely […]

Love in Paris : Elvi & William

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There is no reason to be not having a great love story if you were in Paris. Yeah, this is about the lovely couple Elvi and William. The glamour and beauty night of Paris, was a fantastic backdrop for the outsized personalities of this great couple, their love, their stories. Dancing in the Musee de […]