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X-perience in Paris

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It has been nearly 1.5 years owning Fuji X-Pro1 to accompany me in my daily life. Yes, the camera is the thing I can’t live without. So you would have no wonder if I always bring a big backpack to my engineering office. Being an aeronautic engineer would not stop me taking photo, I don’t […]

The Story behind Dawid Tomaszweski Fashion shot

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Fashion is not a passion but it’s about a beauty concept. It is not always true!! It is quite often, you plan something in detail but everything doesn’t quite work out the way you really want. Then you will reach to the point where you have to make a decision: GO for it, or  just GIVE up.

Lost in Woods, episode 1 – the story behind

People might know me as the one who (tries to) put mood and emotion through my street photography shots. This time rather I make people happy and sad, I’d like to encourage people to have a dream and try to make it comes true. Yeah, dream for a fantasy story. Dream of something which is […]