Sarah and All

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You might think what I thought.

Aha… No! The title is not what you might think that : Sarah and everything about her.

All is written with double L here but it’s not what it’s all about.

It’s about the young lovely couple Sarah and Ghazi Al-Ghiffari, which on their special wedding party asked me to capture their love.

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“Hello Spring. Welcome”

This shot was taken with no fancy gear, nothing else just a great light.

“Creativity, style and ideas are things not include in the box when U buy a camera”, how to get that?

#beingCreative could be in anywhere,anytime,anyone.When a passion calls you,when imagination are there, and when the light let you.

So I would like to share the HOW TO get this picture !

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between passion and will, Jasmund National Park

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You are ill -very bad fever, cold, and co.- need to rest with a cup of hot chocolate,

but you were at the place where you might have the best picture after all. Your passion calls you.

To go there, You need to go down from the hill, with very cold wind from Baltic Sea and would be lonely in the middle of the forest. In the dark.

So what you gonna do?

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Tips of Wedding Photography : Capturing Unforgettable Moments

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People might think that to be a wedding photographer is a job which is just easy taking pictures of the wedding ceremony, a couple who stands in the altar and capturing the moments of the wedding itself.

The other side, there is also a thought that a wedding photography is a glamorous job since the photographer would be a part of the most important moment of the couple.

David Pullum said :”People look at the wedding photography as is if it’s a very glamorous job – it really isn’t. But if you are passionate about taking photographs, I think you can do well”

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A Tale of Red Riding Hood


Everybody has a dream.
A dream is not something that doesn’t come true, or which are those all fairy tales.
I get passionate to make those dreams would not be only like a fairy tales.

Well, the story begins by accident, when I read a famous fairy tales Rotkäppchen to my daughter’s book.
Meanwhile it’s snowing outside and how would I take that vision into my dream, and let the dream comes true?

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