Tiffany & Dendy : Hamburg’s Lovestory

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They live in different countries, split from distance but united with one love. One lives in Singapore and the other half is living in Hamburg. But this would not be a part to unite them as one.

So here is their love story. All photo were taken in Hamburg.

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Love isn’t unsharp – Tiffany and Dendy

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dscf4632-editHaving photo shot of couple in love, is like having a journey in the worm hole, being travelled to the time where there is only joy and happiness. It’s all about in between both and art and a craft.

That’s the feeling of what I’m always being involved in every shots I had. What matters in the end is the ART — the making of beautiful, creative, flattering couple portraits; capturing important emotional moments and telling the story of the day. A pre-wedding photo shooting with Tiffany and Dendy is one of these examples.

Being involving to their story, being a part of their lovely moment, push me try to create a lovely picture. It’s like re-defining love. Because Love is Sharp, full of joyful even love could not be well-defined by anyone.

So, this full-romantic image was created with a vision that the lovely environment in the side bank of Alster lake in Hamburg shall be embraced within the image.
I shot with Fujifilm X-T1 with 2 different lenses to mimic the bokeh coming from the background and foreground of the couple. 100 m distance was between me and the couple, and I need to manage the position of the flash by communicating with my light assistant (who stood behind the couple) with phone !!

Surprise that the Yongnuo 622N could still be still triggered the my Nikon SB800 with that distance, illuminate the couple with romantic shape.

Please enjoy the sneak peak of pre-wedding photo shoot of Tiffany and Dendy.
There will be a dozent lovely images will come; full with mood & emotion with herein.


See the complete story in this LINK

Javanesse in Romance

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Sometimes romantic scene is just simple. Give me a couple who is just in love, a good light in a romantic environment, and you will get it 🙂
A photo shooting of Gendis Anggun Krisnandini andAhmad Rizqi Meydiarso so grace, full of emotion embrace the ambience.

A peak look of pre wedding shot session, done in Javanesse culture, Indonesia

Thing that I still amaze, they tried to keep in distance, respect that ☺️
Wish you both for comming wedding full of joy and happiness

Here is the complete story

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Zermatt and Camera Remote Xperience

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There is one feature on the Fuji X-T1 that might most of Fuji-user think it’s only a gimmick: tether the camera to smartphone/table through Wi-Fi.

To be honest, at the beginning I thought the same way. This feature was somewhat created for the facebook or any social media generation, the one who would like to share their selfies immediately through mobile internet, upload into facebook and any other social media, which indeed, they can do.
But unfortunately, it’s NOT me.

But well, this X-perience of using Wi-Fi features has changed my thought.

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Adel-Halim: A Lighting X-perience with lovely couple

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The Fuji X-Pro1 is keeping to amaze me time to time. after having this tiny rangefinder-alike-camera for traveling in Paris as describe here, my confidence is higher to involve “him” for many other commercial projects that I have.
This time I need a small light camera to be rely on, put my trust more to accompany me to my country.
Yes, I went to Indonesia for holiday and I got 2 wedding and prewedding projects during the holiday. Read more »

X-perience in Paris

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It has been nearly 1.5 years owning Fuji X-Pro1 to accompany me in my daily life.
Yes, the camera is the thing I can’t live without. So you would have no wonder if I always bring a big backpack to my engineering office.
Being an aeronautic engineer would not stop me taking photo, I don’t want to lose the precious moment, any single moment, during my way to office or home.

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Two of Lovely Days : Eci & Danil

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Sometimes the problems solved themselves, specially if you are expecting the unexpected things, no matter how good you are in planning and scheduling.
A pre wedding shot in Indonesia is not really a Math.

Yes, I think it would be my best holiday ever.. spending time with family and I got photo shooting project in my home country. So, I don’t have to think too much to plan where we have to shot and how to shot.
Teeeet.. no. A big NO.

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