Avina & Ghani : The wedding ceremony – when traditional meets west

Avina & Ghani : The wedding ceremony – when traditional meets west

The magical Javanese wedding ceremony.
Rich with tradition, fragrant, beautiful, and full of color involved are probably the words that describe a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony.
It has also a lot of traditional wisdom, symbol showed from the wedding procession. 

That might the highlight of this lovely night, shower of love from Avina and Ghani wedding with beloved family and friends.


The traditional wedding ceremony, the happiness you share… These moments are truly full of love, from friends and beloved family.

The wonderful and mystical sound of Javanese music gamelan instruments accompanies a traditional sacred Panggih or Temu (means meeting) between a beautifully make up bride with her handsome bridegroom, the fence of beauty – we called it Pager Ayu and Pager Bagus, is like a gate to bring you to the mystical wedding ceremony.



The bride, accompanied by two elderly women, walks out of the bridal room and preceding to come into the ceremony room. Her parents and close relatives walk behind her.

Preceding the bride are two young girls, Patah, holding a fanIMG_1611DSCF6940_MG_3114DSCF9926_MG_3121DSCF8486-EditDSCF84980FF3718B-499E-4D67-B646-33B98384F439

The bridegroom, accompanied by his close relatives arrives and guards (Pager Bagus) and stops to the front of the bride’s parents.

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Balangan Gantal

The bride is meeting the bridegroom. They approach each other. When they are about a distance each other, they start throwing to each other seven Gantal. They do it eagerly and happily, everyone is smiling happy

Gantal or sirih which is tied by a white string will be thrown by the couple at each other. While the husband throws the gantal to his wife’s chest as a sign that he has stolen her heart, the wife will point the gantal to her husband’s knee as a sign of devotion


Nginjak Telur

The rite of stepping on a raw egg by the groom is held with the hope that he will be blessed with children because they have become one family. Then, the bride will wash his feet as a sign of love.

_MG_3034DSCF8526 IMG_8565_MG_3185DSCF6959-Edit


the father of the bride leads the couple to the wedding chair, the mother of the bride covers the couple’s shoulders with Sindur. Symbolising the father shows the way

1-2Red and white sindur fabric is hoped to bring courage to the bride and groom to start their marriage with passion.


After both the bride and groom sat on stage, they will sit on their father’s lap and be weighed. The mother of the bride then will ask who weighs more, to which the father will answer that the two weighs the same. With this conversation, they hope the couple will know that they are loved the same


The bride’s father seats the couple in the wedding chair. It depicts that he approves the marriage. He gives his blessing.


Kacar-Kucur is the procession done by the groom who will sprinkle coins, along with basic household needs such as rice or seeds to his wife as a symbol that he will be responsible and provide for his family. The bride carefully receives these gifts in a small white cloth, above an old mat that has been put on her lap.

_MG_3233 _MG_3243

Dulangan is the procession of the Javanese wedding ceremonial which the wedding couple is eating together, feeding each other, a sign that the couple will help and love each other until grey and old by feeding each other three times.

IMG_8581The whole procession of the Javanese traditional wedding is concluded with sungkeman procession, which is done by kneeling in front of both sets of parents as a sign of gratitude that they have raised them up until they can lead a new life with each other.


So these all processions ritual in Javenese wedding ceremony show how rich with culture and love, that is brought by the couple of Avina and Ghani.  But the couple put a twist on their wedding day, fusing both of their backgrounds and traditions together, from traditional Javanese wedding ceremony to the western style of a wedding ceremony.


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