The Wedding of Vanda & Reza (videoclip)

The Wedding of Vanda & Reza (videoclip)

„No love between two souls is greater than what is between the spouses.“ – Tafsir ibn Kathir

The couple who unites because of Him, who pray together will stay together forever.
“And We created you in pairs” (QS 78:8)









Love is not just an exercise to have someone in other’s lives, it is a flower that can grow. It would be full of tears and joy. But remember, those are just essence to this long journey to Jannah.

So, here is the video clip to capture the wedding day of this lovely couple Vanda and Reza.
Presenting not only emotions and mood invokes all moments herein but also a witness that love to the Creator was making those things even more reasonable, to make Two become One.

Be grateful, we are nothing without Allah.

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