Adel-Halim: A Lighting X-perience with lovely couple

Adel-Halim: A Lighting X-perience with lovely couple

The Fuji X-Pro1 is keeping to amaze me time to time. after having this tiny rangefinder-alike-camera for traveling in Paris as describe here, my confidence is higher to involve “him” for many other commercial projects that I have.
This time I need a small light camera to be rely on, put my trust more to accompany me to my country.
Yes, I went to Indonesia for holiday and I got 2 wedding and prewedding projects during the holiday.
I dont think that I need to bring all my gears along with me, since it’s not practical due to my baggage limit (you will know if you traveling with family) also because I’d like put more trust again this time to my X-Pro1.
So, I just bring with me Fuji X-Pro1 + Samyang 12 mm f2.0 + Fujifilm XF 35 mm f1.4. Along with them I also manage my SB900 + Yong Nuo 605N with me. This project, it’s a pre wedding photo session with Adel and Halim. It would put me to work in the studio one day long, and for that I would test my X-Pro1 setup for studio.

The results is so amazing, you might see from the picture below




I amaze how its results – the rendering of the image, the ISO performance using available light- and the ease of using X-Pro1 in any situations.
The light setting was simple and easy. I just use 2 strobes which one having a half power from another. See the light diagram as below:
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 21.23.36

and these are photos taken as behind the photo shooting, a while before the photo session, using mostly light from the make-up table:
DSCF0527 DSCF0550-Edit


In Studio with 2 Jinbei lights, trigered by PT04, with various light style : highkey and lowkey ..



Available Light; I found a place with a light coming from open ceiling. I used X-Pro1 + Samyang 12 mm f2, ISO 800 and open wide aperture f/2.
It was dark and I really suprised how easy this X-sensor capturing any detail in low light. As you might see here in the photo is as it was captured.


Or even outside the studio?
We took stairs as above-seen and having some shots on the roof. The X-Pro1 with its companion Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 served me well to have strobist using 1 speedlight SB900 in umbrella + yellow gel and wirelessly triggered with YongNuo 623N.



So, How could I say more that this little X-Pro1 would be my work horse for any photo situation ? Yes, it has been beyond my expectation.
The camera not only just look sooo pretty, but also versatile in any light condition. That makes me forget my Nikons a while.

See next time for other photo journey

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