The lighting setup behind “Lost in Woods : episode 1”

The lighting setup behind “Lost in Woods : episode 1”


So for the one who are really curious with my lighting setup  in the “Lost in Woods : episode 1” project post at here, you might see the setup on this article.

I always adore how the movies (especially Hollywood) making their lighting setting so real and could help the created character inside be so unique and fit into the story.
I try to figure out and copy the ambience of the big  themes of being lost into this project seriously.

I did research, trial and test of some light combination. But one thing to prepare this setup, I did sketch using lighting diagram so that I know how this setup would affect to my photo subject and story.

You might see the Behind The Scenes video how the light setup has been created above.


Lighting Setup

For the picture of this below, I did a lighting setup as follows:

The most important thing is do research to find where the “real” sun is located, and get the mood of the natural light has been made.

As you might seen on the BTS video and pictures above, the sun are set on the left hand side  (or right hand side from the viewer) of the girl (who is lost). The next thing I did is just only to mimic the setting sun by put the continuous light on the same position where the sun is.
So that it can lit the trees behind the girl. The rest I put 1 SB800 with 150×150 octagon softbox which has been triggered by radio trigger Yong Nuo YN602N as key light

The other SB800 with white thru umbrella was on the back right of the model to lit the smoke and fill-in the shadow.
The last SB900 with CTO gel has been pointed out to the face of the model since the WB has been set as Tungsten WB to demonstrate the cold ambience light.

The results as you’ve seen, the lights combination would create drama.



Created Fairy Tales mood and ambience

Similar with the lighting setup, the sleepy beauty shots below has been made by invoking the warm yellow CTO gel on my SB900 nearby the lantern in front of the girl.
This would make the reflection of the warm light into her face and her surrounding, expose the dead trees and grass and with another SB800 behind her to mimic the fireflies coming from pieces of gold paper behind her, even more drama as it’s expected.

As you might see from the picture, the ambience of the fairy tales has been successfully created.
It’s not just about the light but it’s about how we transform from imagination with a help of lighting technique become so real in that pictures.


So guys, I hope this would inspire you to jump to another level of your photography’s skill !!

Enjoy !



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