The Story behind Dawid Tomaszweski Fashion shot

The Story behind Dawid Tomaszweski Fashion shot

Fashion is not a passion but it’s about a beauty concept.

It is not always true!! It is quite often, you plan something in detail but everything doesn’t quite work out the way you really want.
Then you will reach to the point where you have to make a decision: GO for it, or  just GIVE up.

Let me start the story:

The first time I got chance to get collaborate with a fashion passionate Andy Suryandi (, I do really excited. Why not? Collaborate with Andy and with a young talented famous designer Dawid Tomaszweski as well as the models from Louisa Models Hamburg would make everyone who has passion (should be) excited.



Preparation and bad weather

I did some planning, concept or even lighting scenario with sketches and illustration (Yeah I know, it’s not lovely sketch. It’s just a sketch, right?).
I did  also research to the potential location where I could enrich the concept.
The day we did photo shooting, we got help by the Make Up Artist & Hair : Karina Reichel and Suhellen Ampuero Villafuerte.




In my mind I had a vision. I had researched to get my vision become true, together with a concept and the vision of the style of the dress as well.

But well, man plans but God decides, suddenly comes a very dark cloud surround us, and -slow but sure- the light rain comes ruined our photoshooting plans. 🙁 You might see the light rain on the picture below.


Instead I gave up, I change my plan quickly. I decide to take a shot in the area where we were free from rain and expose the detail of the building.


Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 22.20.57

Artificial light – Strobist

Moreover, I put the flashlight as an additional light element to bring the model out of the background where dark clouds might make the eyes of the viewer out from the picture. I put my trust phottix wireless trigger on my SB800 and let the flash lighten the model from behind as a backlight.
Set the exposure close to the flash sync to darken the shadow and let the silver reflector lighten the front of subject. In the post processing I cloned the light stand.

Then you will get this photo like this :

The diagram of the simple lighting set


The same philosophy, I did create to enhance the rain itself become the secondary elements to the subject. Put the light behind the model and set the exposure to the X-sync in order to mimic the dark cloud.You might see in the picture below. Nice, uh?

put the light behind the models would create a shape and great ambience!

Instead gave up to the weather condition, why not we include that become the complementary element to the photoshoting, and to that point I think I reach my goal that it’s not just a fashion photo, but also a beauty concept photo.
Don’t you agree?

Here is the complete gallery of the photoshooting.

Dresses : Dawid Tomaszweski
Belts :
Shoes :

Model: Maya Andrews (MUA: Suhellen Ampuero Villafuerte) and Louisa-Marie Becker (MUA: Karina Reichel)
Stylist : Andy Suryandi (
Assistant Stylist: Sophie Wiefels for Andy Suryandi
Photographer: Prio Adhi Setiawan by
Assistant photographer: Hasbi Adenan
Lighting Assistant : Adhitya Dwitama and Choirul Deh


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  1. Makasih Ricky… kebetulan ajah keren, kalo ganteng mah emang muntlak gue dari dulu 🙂 hehehhe

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