Lost in Woods, episode 1 – the story behind

People might know me as the one who (tries to) put mood and emotion through my street photography shots.
This time rather I make people happy and sad, I’d like to encourage people to have a dream and try to make it comes true.

Yeah, dream for a fantasy story. Dream of something which is impossible in real world. And this time, I get inspired to put all dreams to be real.

Rather than only doing snappy shots, why don’t we put something values through our shots?
Conceptual, plan in a teamwork and sharing the “how to” are the keywords.
I’d like to jump to another level of my photography life and share what inspired me much in this story.


The Story


Being inspired is like being in love, it moves and transforms you


The story starts from a dream which woke me up in the early morning. Being hunted and lonely, I got a feeling which has no words to describe.
The idea crossed my mind is to challenge myself to put those dreams become real. I did plans and concept. On paper, sketches and through discussion (with my sidekicks Hasbi) have been done to enrich the ideas.
That’s I love from being inspired. It is true that being inspired is indeed like being in love, it moves and transforms you.


Build the team, share the ideas


Ideas are nothing without any real acts. First thing first, in order to make this all come true is to collaborate. Build a team.
I decided to involve a certain amount of people to whom I could share the way how it works. Simple, to let people get inspired, as like how I got inspired.
So I put a message on my facebook wall page as seen below.

I got surprise, as I had a bunch of messages of friends, new friends or even new people who have passion of what I’m doing, even from the other town where I’m now living.

Berlin, Bremerhaven & Bremen, and Hannover are the city nearby Hamburg – I would say – which are friends are coming from and like to join this project.
And sure it makes even this projects much fun and worth of thousand words.
Well, I have infected the passion which I think it may work and let people being inspired and be creative.

I met new people – which on the next day become a new friend, Firdaus 🙂 – who enriches the ideas even better by his sketch to put the dreams become virtual real of illustration.
He gave his talent to draw and success to put my imagination become a series of pictures as you might see above.
I love the way how this projects transformed to be real. It’s so excited to wait how far we can go..

We finally met in the coffee shops and with a help of Google Hang-out, we did planning and be prepared to the D-Day of our project together with the friends outside Hamburg.
Better than my other photo project of “A Tales of  Red-Riding Hood” which has -nearly- NO preparation. The tales and the results, you might find here, we put all things are needed for the photo shooting.

We share the works who will do what in the table so that everyone has a responsible to every cluster of jobs.


The Wardrobe, detail elements of the photo projects


I found the main key of our photo project, a hand Latern, in IKEA as you see on the picture (left) below. Fit perfect to the stories that we’d like deliver.
A gold paper  (middle) for a party would be a great idea to create fireflies which might glow in the dark with a help of the speedlight, I got in 1€ shops near the city.
Another gimmick that would make the photos great or even hilarious is the smoke machine (right) that I got for 20€ used in Ebay.


Problems and how we solved


But too bad, we don’t have any chance to get generator to power the smoke machine until the time we have a photoshooting.
That another challenge should we face, but it would not stop us surely.

Another great idea comes up by using “dry ice” which is used normally for  keeping things frozen because of its very cold temperature: -109.3°F or -78.5°C.
Dry Ice is widely used because it is simple to freeze and easy to handle using insulated gloves. Together with water you could create a smoke and fog.
A simple chemie reaction.  So we bought 15 kg dry ices in case that it melts before the photoshooting starts (2 days afterwards).


The BTS Video’s teaser

A full of “Behind The Scene” video would simply give you guys the ideas how those dreams become real, from pieces of puzzle become a complete pictures.
here is the teaser of the BTS video:


so Folks,
Next I would share the complete tales of “Lost in Woods, episode 1” as well in this blog.
So stay keeping me alive by giving comments.

Be creative, be unique and be bold !


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  1. Hasbi Adenan

    Its nice to move and collaborate with other 🙂 like they say : "if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together"

  2. Indeed.. that's really true ! 🙂
    Thanks for being my sidekicks Hasbi.. A dreams is no longer a fantasy. It's real now ! 🙂

  3. It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on web as compared to textbooks, as I found this paragraph
    at this website.

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