between passion and will, Jasmund National Park

between passion and will, Jasmund National Park

You are ill -very bad fever, cold, and co.- need to rest with a cup of hot chocolate,

but you were at the place where you might have the best picture after all. Your passion calls you.

To go there, You need to go down from the hill, with very cold wind from Baltic Sea and would be lonely in the middle of the forest. In the dark.

So what you gonna do?

I choose to go down to the hill (around 1.5 km to go down), prepare my self with an enough battery pack for mobile phone (If I need it to call, not sure if there would be signal to call in the middle of the forest, shore of Baltic see), and a mobil light to guide me back to the place I have to be. And my photo arsenal on my back.

I got these pictures !

I’m not so happy about the quality of the image, but I like the process how I got this spot. Need a big help of self encourage to go down to this location especially when you’re alone and ill.

Jasmund National Park at Island of Rügen is so far my favorite place to visit.
Taken a hour before dust.


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