A Tale of Red Riding Hood


Everybody has a dream.
A dream is not something that doesn’t come true, or which are those all fairy tales.
I get passionate to make those dreams would not be only like a fairy tales.

Well, the story begins by accident, when I read a famous fairy tales Rotkäppchen to my daughter’s book.
Meanwhile it’s snowing outside and how would I take that vision into my dream, and let the dream comes true?

Then, the next story was getting easier. I called one of my colleagues, asking her to be a model. She thought it would be a good idea
I need of course assistants, to make this comes true…

In short time, we make really quick decision:
in the afternoon, the idea suddenly comes to me, I did making calls of friends and models in the few minutes afterwards, explaining about my passion and describe what should be done, and doing some sketches all night long.

And in the morning afterwards of 9:00 AM we start to do photoshooting!

Well, I’m quite disappointed about the results since it did not deliver a very strong message that what I intended to tell. The vision and imagination didn’t fit.
But hey, we learn from our mistakes, and I promise you next time should be better..

Anyway, simple lighting set-up was created by using small softbox with attached speedlight SB800 which was triggered with cheap-chinesse- Yong Nuo radio trigger and one big silver reflector to fill in our little red riding hood’s face 🙂
End but not least, thanks for assistant as well as co-photographer who help me out, from planing to day of execution in just 1 Day. It was a bizarre doing everything alone, without accompany with them this shot would be happened.

So folks, let make our dream comes true .. 😉

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  1. Adhitya Dwitama

    Serigalanya mana mas?

  2. Srigala nya lagi ke warung sebentar Adhitya Dwitama ,
    Serigala nya lagi ikutan motret kayaknya 😉

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