Photo-shooting for “bigbuttonhead”

Long back to the photo project I had in 2012, a photo shooting for a clothing brand well known as “bigbuttonhead” reminds me of everything. Smile, laugh, beauty, warm and friendship. Yes, even the photo shooting itself was not so interesting than chatting and laughing in between. 😉

Well, we shot at the founder of bigbuttonhead’s home with a simple set-up.
1 Flash with softbox and reflector on the floor to lit up the chin of the models. We created the cross over light set-up, the simple one.

Don’t forget to click here to see more detail a lovely handmade of fashioned design 🙂



Photographer : priotography
Ass. Photographer : Dennis Soebagio
Make-Up Artist : Monik
Stylist : Linda Soebagio



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