From a Concept to an Image part 2 – Gold Glory

From a Concept to an Image part 2 – Gold Glory

Heading directly to the sun is not a tabu.
We could use the gold glory from to the sun to mimic our shots. With a help of strobe on the left of the couple to fill in the light, you could include the flare from the bright gold sun into the frame.

The quote of Ansel Adams,

Photograph is NOT an accident, it IS a concept

, again inspired how to create this shot happened.

A sketch was only used as a media to put my imagination into papers and help me to create a scene as below

How is about the panorama that I would create from this scenario? Here we go..


So by planning and imagination, you would use any elements on the spot to mimic your shot and add the WOW factor into your shot.

By the way, about the light setting I put one flash SB800 on the left of me to lit up a bit as a fill in. An white thru umbrella was helping me to spread the light a bit softer
Here is the lighting setting that I set on the spot:

May this helps you to get your own “imagination” 😉



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