Strobe at Sport action – small tricks for HSS/FP

Strobe at Sport action – small tricks for HSS/FP

Shot for Taruna Nusantara Senior High School’s Year book/magazine purpose.

2 speedlights, SB800 with white thru umbrella on the front left of the model (1/32 power) and SB80DX on the rear of the model which was set 1/64 power. Both were set manually and triggered by radio trigger and optical slave.

Nothing is special for that setting actually, but the next question would: How do we shot an action if our shutter speed is limited by the X-sync speed around 1/250 sec?

Well here is the tricks to get this shot:

As I had make a twit about it in @priotography:
1. As promised,in a few minutes I’ll share tricks how to shot this using @strobist 2 SBs w/out #HSS mode
2. To freeze the basketball’s action & for the sharpest results, a 1/500 shutter speed is ideal. #HSStricks
3.  Unfortunately,my old SB80DX doesn’t hv FP/HSS cam shutter speed is limited to it’s X-sync speed 1/250 sec #HSStricks
4. instead of using HSS to freeze the action,why dont we slow-down the action? So that we can get good sharp images #HSStricks
5. So I asked the model to jump from the’s a simple jump but it decreased the shutter speed a lot. 1/250 sec was enough to freeze

Yeah jump from the chair! it decreased the shutter speed a lot, 1/250 sec can be achieved easy.

6. I set SB800+umbrella on the right as my main light 1/16 power & SB80DX on the left SB80DX – 1/32 power #HSStricks
7. a small jump action of the basket ball player from the chair could be freezed then by my cam at 1/250 sec with f10 handheld #HSStricks
8.  as you could see from the image,the action was perfectly captured and sharp. We controlled the action to be slow-downed #HSStricks
9.  Off course it can’t be done when u capturing real game 🙂 U need #HSStricks by setting shutter speed min 1/500 sec to freeze the action
10. but at least from this sharing #HSStricks we could find the way to capture by making the action slow-down so that we could freeze them
11. at the END,better equipment could capture better image.W/out good gear,we should have better creativity/imagination to make all happen

Here is the setting so that you got an overview how I put the Nikon SB80DX (hold by assisten) and SB800 with white thru umbrella.


And here is the shot behind the scene 🙂 (Thank to my assisten who held the flash, Aditya), and the basket ball player “jumped” in between this set.

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