a little journey, from 15 to 18

a little journey, from 15 to 18

It’s about story where I’ve taken from my last visit in Jakarta.
I feel so connected to the place, it’s like a flashback of memory was played all the time.

Just watch what I saw, what I thought and what I feel thru this small clip of video on this blog. Enjoy !!

It’s about little story during my trip between a place so-called “Pasar Baru” to “Stasiun Kota” in Jakarta. It started around 15 PM to 18 PM.

Well, it might be too short in time to present the life out there, representing story of Jakarta nowadays.
But heyy.. it is a story in the real world where we live.

You will see how people tried -or still trying- to stay alive with whatever they have on the street.
I tried to keep any single little moment that I saw through my viewfinder,and I let my emotion and mood plays the role on every shutter was released.

Enjoy the trailer of street photography “15 to 18” below :

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  1. teguh

    selamat atas rumah barunya Priotography, Mas Bang Prio..sukses selaluuuu..

  2. Terima kasih saya sudah diberi kesempatan untuk mengekor pada sesi jalan2 15 to 18 nya ini… Banyak ilmu yg di dapat dari Om bang suhu Priotography.com

    • Thanks Fer… Senang bisa motret bersama petualang seperti dirimu. Jiwa adventurir selalu bergolak kalo jalan2 sama kamu..

      Much appreciate for any comments from you. Big wish that it would help to increase our learning curve..Never stop learning.

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